The FTP test is the cornerstone of cycle training plans and workouts.

Zwift: your complete guide. Here’s an example to calculate your zones. Whether you took the FTP test or just finished a hard ride and got a notice that you have a new FTP score, it’s easy to find by following the steps below. This includes endurance,… Knowing your FTP will also help you pace efforts on the road or in a … ** Our default testing format to estimate an athlete’s FTP was changed to the TrainerRoad Ramp Test since this post was published. Without knowing your Functional Threshold Power you'll never know which power zones you are training in and as such your workouts are likely to be less effective. You can conduct an FTP test and follow one of the 12-week plans if you want to enjoy the benefits of a virtual coach to get you fit for a … It sounds like your FTP may be set wrong - 330 watts for 4 minutes is hard going if you've not trained recently.
FTP tests are bloody awful though so your other option may be to wait until Watopia is available on Zwift, then ride up the mountain as quickly as possible. You can check my workouts on the link below (YouTube Playlist). Power zones. To view your FTP score in Zwift. In Zwift, you can find the FTP test (the shorter version as well) in the workout menu. Just like heart rate zones, these zones build up in intensity (from Z1 to Z7). Click the pencil icon beneath your name.

Zwift should automatically update your FTP. Overview. The others are there. We offer personalized and customized training plans for competitive and non-competitive cyclists with a high level of coaching communication, so you feel supported, confident, and educated throughout your training journey. It’ll miss some,as at the beginning I was doing gym and run workouts as well,so I’ve had to skip 4 workout due to time constraints(3 in the first 2 weeks and 1 on..week 4 probably).

If you want more structured training, Zwift also offers a wide range of workout modes and there’s everything from sprint intervals to sweet spot sessions. When you know your FTP, you can determine your power zones.
Sure thing,I’m currently on Week 9 with the Build me up training plan. ... or you can build your own – and you can even sign-up for long-term training plans. Click ‘Menu’ in the bottom left of your screen. Open the Zwift app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Whether you are new to cycling or an experienced rider, we will coach and guide you to reach your athletic performance goals.