Michael Ray Newman is a businessman and entrepreneur to the 10th power, having bought and sold dozens of companies.

‘Zig Ziglar was interviewed by Johnny Carson. “No attempt to close a sale should be made until you have established value in the prospect’s mind.” 2. 1. Sales legend Zig Ziglar made millions in sales and sales training. Jims Raynolds 170,917 views After a slow start and some blunt advice on improving his time management, Ziglar became a top producing salesman and moved up to field manager and division supervisor. Zig Ziglar. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago, but his advice is still a dead-ringer for how to succeed in this profession. I recently spoke to Zig Ziglar, a motivational teacher and trainer who has traveled the world over, delivering his messages of humor, hope, and encouragement. We had the honor of connecting with  Michael Ray Newman, the CEO of Zig Ziglar International! “They say you’re the world’s greatest salesman, so sell me this ashtray”. In the late 1940s, a commission-based position for a cookware company introduced Zig Ziglar to the world of sales and the importance of positive thinking. This interview is so special for us, because at Everyday Power we are huge fans of Zig Ziglar and his work. Zig ziglar talk about selling part 1 - Duration: 27:43.