9 Reasons to be Careful About What You Post While wearing the uniform, you may have used social media to communicate with other service members or your family back home during a deployment . For those who are very well known, however, it can lead to embarrassing and even catastrophic circumstances. An offensive tweet has gotten quite a few athletes in trouble. This article will discuss the potential consequences of oversharing on social networks and how you can protect your privacy. Unless you look super HOT, you are just annoying your friends and followers on Social Sites with your selfies. If you absolutely must have those birthday greetings on your wall, at least leave your birth year off your profile. We’ve seen this happen numerous times with athletes. Before you post it online, use the SPACE to THINK approach.

Solution #4 Visually plan your social media campaign on a platform such as Planable. There it is, posted for the world to see. Social media now plays a huge role in our public as well as private lives. In a digital world where information is always at our fingertips, and as a society we tend to want to share everything about our lives on social media, it's important to think before we post. Let’s look at a few such cases, as well as some ideas on … Protect your electronic privacy on Facebook and Twitter If you spend any time at all on the Web, you won’t be able to deny the power of social networking. If you wouldn't give your phone number to anyone who asked for it, don't share it online either. If you want to dive deeper into productivity hacks, we wrote another blog post on improving your efficiency as social media manager. You barely need to have formed a cohesive thought, and BOOM!

For most people, this doesn’t pose a problem. But when you list your birthday in your Facebook profile, you're offering criminals a key piece of information needed to steal your identity. Social media has made it possible to share your thoughts and ideas with thousands of virtual strangers, literally within seconds. But before you hit that ‘publish’ button, do me a favor: run through this list of the top 10 things you should never post on social media. Here are some simple guidelines to remember when using social media, whatever your age.
You can use tools such as Pomodoro Time, Pomodoro Keeper or Fotrack.

SPACE – Take these steps: No one wants to see the same old face, again and again, maybe some of them would have already unfriended/blocked you.
If you’re not someone who uses social media often, then it’s no surprise your few posts don't center on your significant other.