Uranus in Aquarius – General Info. In the sign of Aquarius, Uranus is at home. Neptune in Aquarius - Your Aquarius Neptune Sign. Neptune’s position will show up in your natal chart—for Pisces, this is the Twelfth House. Neptune in Pisces Traits. Uranus’ duration through Aquarius highlighted areas of social intolerance, futuristic vision and heightened interest in outer-space and universal ideas. The last time Uranus changed signs was 1989 when it entered Capricorn and started to play serious havoc with the world economy (Capricorn). It rules a sign that rules inventions, innovations, super intelligence, and genius people. They are loyal to their friends and their beliefs. It is therefore a time of considerable energy flux in the world. Uranus rules this sign. Uranus in Aquarius is a fantastic time to take an interest in group dynamics. Uranus in Aquarius has great intuitive skills and original ideas. Concretely, these natives can be just as humanitarian and angelic when they’re mood is good, just as they can become malevolent, the sheer image of doom, the bringers of the end-times, when they’re in a bad mood. They tend to work towards bettering humanity. This unselfish behavior helps them to gain what they want in life. Neptune is your Ruling Planet, Pisces. The Aquarian fascination with science and technology in meeting with Neptune's mysticism makes you a natural shaman or healer and creates the opportunity for a unique sense of invention. The interplay between the individual and groups will flourish during this cycle. I have neptune and uranus in aquarius/pisces in my 8th house and my sexuality feels really confusing and weird and generally I just want to escape from it along with life in general. Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011 and will be there to 2016. In 1781 the planet Uranus relating to electricity was discovered with a telescope and has been assigned to inventive Aquarius. Neptune in Aquarius dreams of independence and freedom. Neptune is Pisces' planetary ruler, and this exaggerates the dreamlike quality of reality.

They are devoted friends and truly want to help those in need.

My sexuality expression or sex never really feels real to me like something is missing. Neptune takes 165 years to complete its cycle through the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Uranus in Aquarius Your Aquarius Uranus Sign. They may appear rather eccentric. They may also be gifted with mechanical skills. Over the past few years Neptune was in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus (modern rulership), and Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, was in Pisces which is Neptune’s sign. Neptune is currently in your Sign Pisces, and will be there until 2025!

Neptune, not far behind Uranus, will enter Aquarius in 1998—only 2 years away. Tonight, Neptune is in Aquarius, sets at 7:21 p.m. and is only 25 degrees above the horizon at sunset. Neptune (analogous to chemicals and drugs) characteristically was discovered before it was even seen in 1846 and relates to mystical Pisces.