The UBS Greek New Testament 4th Rev Ed: A Reader's Edition (English and Greek Edition) by Kurt Aland. Write a review. 5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazingly Useful Tool. The Greek New Testament, 4th Revised Edition (Greek and English Edition) [B. Aland, K. Aland, J. Karavidopoulos, C. M. Martini, B. M. Metzger] on The UBS Greek New Testament: Reader's Edition with Textual Notes (Burgundy) (Esv Bibles) looks good but it is bulky and expensive This one seems to be a perfect balance.

Format: Hardcover Change. There are two Greek Majority texts that have been printed, one done by Zane C. Hodges and Arthur L. Farstad, The Greek New Testament According to the Majority Text, 1982 and one done by William G. Pierpont and Maurice A. Robinson, The New Testament in the Original Greek According to the Byzantine/Majority Textform, 1991, updated 2005. The font and the paper are superb: it looks like a quality publication. Following intensive preparatory work, the Fifth Edition of the UBS Greek New Testament ("UBS … Like NA28, this is the leading edition of the original text of the New Testament. These are the first fascicles of a new edition of Biblia Hebraica. The Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition contains the Greek text of the fifth edition of the UBS Greek New Testament, a Running Greek- You could use The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible Spanish Edition: Reina-Valera 1960 Translation which is quite helpful and/or ANALYTICAL LEXICON TO THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT to get you to where you can use this lexicon. This edition combines the Bible text of the 5 th revised edition of the UBS Greek New Testament with the following reading helps: Every vocabulary word occurring 30 times or less in the New Testament translated at the bottom of the page on which it occurs One shows this edition in between the standard UBS third edition Greek New Testament and the much larger Synopsis. 4th, Revised Edition (1993): In parallel with revisions made to the 27th Edition of the Nestle-Aland, the apparatus criticus of the Greek New Testament was upgraded once more (while the principal text was retained in unmodified form).
5th, Revised Edition (UBS5) with the Greek-English Dictionary by Barclay M. Newman, red hardcover. The whole edition should be completed by 2015. Greek text edited by B. Aland, K. Aland, J. Karavidopoulos, C. M. Martini, and B. M. Metzger.

It is 0.8cm thicker than the Zondervan NT but 1cm thinner than the ESV one. The second picture shows two pages side by side so you can compare the type.

Buy Ubs Greek New Testament-Fl 4th edition (9781433530296) by CROSSWAY BIBLE for up to 90% off at *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New from the German Bible Society and Hendrickson Publishers. Top positive review. UBS Catalog of SCHOLARL DITION S AND O THE T RAN S LATIO RES OURC ES 2008 A World ... NT New Testament OT Old Testament RV Revised Version RSV Revised Standard Version ... fascicles A. Schenker and others, editors. Some large print bibles are too big to hold for reading. While the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece is designed for scholarly research, the Greek New Testament, 5th Revised Edition is designed for translators and students.