Here’s Episode 4-35~!

【TWISTED WONDERLAND】 一 VETRO. So this is going to be my attempt to summarize the newest chapter (chapter 4, part 3) of twisted wonderland. Azul Beans Camo SSR - Fan Translation ((Here’s a long one! Translation Masterlist.

... zigvolt ashton vargas and much smaller cameos by jack vil leona kalim idia malleus and random pomefiore committee member twisted wonderland … Thanks, everybody! Floyd: I guess I’ll think of something later. ♥ My name is either Woop or Char, depending on where you find me. If you mean you got 5 different R/SR/SSR of each then nicely done :D! Fire-Forged Friends: They, Ace, Deuce and Grim are this following an expedition to the Dwarf's Mine to get a replacement Magic Stone to replace the one Deuce broke in the cafeteria chandelier. Here’s Episode 4-32~! Wonder where Deuce went after he split up in the main story? #twisted wonderland #kalim al asim #jamil viper #dire crowley #grim #personal story #translation Kalim Al-Asim - I thought of something good You can unlock this story by getting Kalim’s SSR Dorm Uniform Another battle! Posted on June 1, 2020 June 1, 2020 by kanadesmusings.

I think we all suspected how the Overblot situation would turn … are you playing hard to get ? Only games made of silly minigames, games of less known shows (Cells at work) and new games don't have english translation. 500!! is a student at Night Raven College.A second-year from Pomefiore well-known for his blunt and hurtful comments toward MC and those who hang out with them. ... Kalim’s SSR Part 3/3. Posted in Twisted Wonderland [Twisted Wonderland] Episode 4-32 Translations. ※ Please don’t re-post these translations anywhere without permission. What Riddle was up to this event? Disney’s Twisted Wonderland: Dorm Uniform Floyd Leech SSR【What will you give me?】Chapter 2 *Spoiler free: Translations will remain under cut. Anonymous said: thank you for translating kalim's ssr story!! We confront Jamil again and well… Let’s hope that things turn out for the better afterwards! His desire to be in Diasomnia lead him to be particularly individualist and egoistic. Posted on June 1, 2020 by kanadesmusings. See more ideas about Wonderland, Disney villains, Twist. The character designs, scenario, and concept was designed by Black Butler creator Yana Toboso, focusing on depictions of villains from various Disney franchises. Disney: Twisted-Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game created by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan. ; Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The story's default name for them is Yuu, a Gender-Blender Name. Disney is a big brand, so Twisted Wonderland should get english translation faster than Magia Record (Puella Magi Madoka Magica). ; Gender-Blender Name: Yuu is a unisex name, befitting the Ambiguous Gender nature of their role. It's known for having big games like Fate Grand Order and Magia Record translated. ALEXENDER DANTE VETRO.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 ⊱ ────Front Gate──── ⊰ Floyd: I wonder if Azul would get mad if I told him that I didn’t get the product rights like the wanted. I translate sometimes. I hope to keep sharing twisted goodness with all of you! This is a battle episode! Side blog for Twisted Wonderland! [Twisted Wonderland] Episode 4-35 Translations. Jun 2, 2020 - I searched up one thing about this game and then Pinterest wouldn’t stop throwing pins at me, thus this board came to be.