Here in the void in your place, I twitch and tweak illusions To sit and stare so blankly Into our Why do I always need to need you when you're fleeing? Thy kingdom come.

"this is my kingdom come" - this is my reality, i realize that now, and this is as good as it's getting "when you feel my heat look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide" - I may seem like a better person on the outside, but in reality I'm just as bad as everyone else on the inside, I've got problems too

Thy kingdom come. This petition has plainly a reference to the doctrine which Christ preached at this time, which John Baptist had preached before, and which he afterwards sent his apostles out to preach--the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The Lord's Prayer - Our father (The Lord's Prayer) Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. What have I done, what have I lost that's so defeating? Thy will be done Your king- kingdom kingdom kingdom You kill when you talk and the enemy weakens Your words start to walk when you're not even speaking If my heart is a war its soldiers are bleeding If my heart is a war its soldiers are dead B-b-b-burn the skin off and climb the roof top Thy will be done B-b-bite the nose off and make it the most of "Kingdom come", derived from "Thy kingdom come" in the Christian Lord's Prayer, is an informal phrase meaning "the next world" or "the end of time". General CommentCorrect Lyrics: My world is stirring sickly Spits out our voices singing, "Sha la la, oh, no no," To kingdom come so slightly.

Where do you go when I'm around?