Garrett Parker 4 years ago. Safety at Smart Sports Stadiums. Technology and the mobile phone, above and beyond advances in building technology, play an increasingly large role in determining how fans experience the next generation of stadiums. The 10 Most High Tech Sports Stadiums in the World. Protection from Credit Card Fraud Each time an EMV card is used to pay for something in a venue or stadium, the chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be duplicated, altered, or used again to create counterfeit cards. Technology has changed almost every aspect of modern day life, including the way we watch sports. One of the most incredible changes in the sporting world is how high tech stadiums have become. Tottenham claims up to 10,000 beers can be poured a minute thanks to the new tech by US company Bottoms Up Beer. Founded in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 2013, Evolv collected $42.4 million in venture capital, including from the likes of Bill Gates, to address the existential threats of free societies, as political commentary site TechCrunch put it. As quoted in Yahoo Australia, Paul Yeomans, the managing director of stadium technology consultancy firm PMY which was part of the successful bid to run the stadium once it is complete, laid out four ways he believes technology should be implemented in sports stadiums.. Technology changes fast, so the stadiums will need to constantly work and update equipment in order to stay current. Inzerillo said, "The technology is going … To combat the comfort and convenience that sports fans experience watching games at home, stadiums are beginning to incorporate technology to entice fans into the stands. The magnetic technology, which pumps beer directly into the base of the glass, has been installed at several of the bars around the stadium. Firstly, he said, “There is internet … As we look to 2020, with its two new NFL venues and a fresh ballpark for MLB, ahead of two NHL venues planned for opening in 2021 and slew of stadiums for the MLS in … 10 Coolest Football Stadium Technologies Whether it's gigantic scoreboards and moving roofs or picking up turf and taking it outside to grow, football stadia go … Their goal: Updating arenas to overlay sports and other events with app-driven services that keep fans engaged, boost convenience, and put fans in control of the cameras. Stadium technology turns the game around Sports fields are becoming the most advanced smartphone environments on Earth. Ingenico has come up with six areas where stadiums and venues should look into improving their payment technology. The stadium itself should provide its audience with reactive content. Evolv Technology takes sports stadium safety to the next level.