Cognitive-Communication Training consists of specialized hardware devices and/or software programs used in therapy or at home as a way to improve cognition and/or communication skills. The SaeboStep consists of a lightweight, uniquely designed foot drop brace that provides convenience and comfort while offering optimum foot clearance and support during walking. A new therapy has been developed for stroke survivors to improve hand function using a glove to send electrical stimulation to nerves in the affected hand. In home care supplies, products, equipment and devices that aid in the rehabilitation & recovery for stroke survivors. Mouse and other pointing devices: If the stroke has led to weakness in your dominant hand, you can use the computer mouse with your non-dominant one. Finger exercisers help you regain your fine motor skills after a stroke. Using finger exercisers on a regular basis will also help strengthen the hands and forearms. Stroke patients are starting a trial of a new electronic device to recover movement and control of their hand. The effect of a wrist-hand stretching device for spasticity in chronic hemiparetic stroke patients Woo H. JANG 1 , Hyuk C. KWON 2 , Kyong J. YOO 1 , Sung H. JANG 1 * Jan 28, 2014 - Saebo's innovative products are currently offered at over 2,000 clinics and hospitals nationwide. This particular finger exerciser consists of a set of pistons that can be independently … Mobility Devices Rolling Walkers - If the stroke victim has use of both arms and legs but still presents with some balance problems or slight weakness then a rolling walker may be appropriate. Used within 22 of the “Top 25 Rehabilitation Hospitals” (U.S. News & World Report), Saebo products are eligible for reimbursement by Medicare and most commercial insurers. With help of sensor-laden glove, good hand used to regain some control of inert hand Step2Bed Bedside Hand Rail and Safety Step. Motus Nova is a biotechnology company specializing in robots and devices for stroke recovery at home. The only Class 1 FDA approved robotic stroke rehab devices, the Motus Home Hand and Foot Mentor systems are designed for stroke tele-rehabilitation. Interactive rehabilitation device restores vet’s use of hand after stroke ... bionic and assistive devices. Mirror therapy is particularly useful for stroke patients struggling with hand paralysis or clenched hands after stroke. Place the mouse on the other side of the keyboard and buttons by going into the control panel of your computer to change the mouse options. They also help you develop and maintain the dexterity and strength of your fingers. One such finger exerciser is the Epitomie Fitness Finger Master. One must be able to push forward with both arms to operate a rolling walker. It works by placing a mirror over the affected hand and using the reflection to “trick” the brain. Find Cognitive-Communication Devices . Getting back on your feet is likely one of your top concerns after suffering a stroke. Stroke Recovery Foot Drop Braces Tools Appliance Suspenders Instruments Vehicles. Electrical Stimulation Helps Stroke Patients Move.