Developers Rare.

Collect Third SpellStone; ... Fox must take these out with his staff, and possibly Ground Quake when time is short and thieves are frequent.
===== The Great Fox/ Flying ===== Tasks: [ ] Get new mission [ ] Fly to Dinosaur Planet Welcome to the Great Fox home of the Star Fox crew. Fox has to pursue and crash the SharpClaw to obtain the SpellStone, which has to be taken to the Ocean Force Point Temple. The second SpellStone was underneath the CloudRunner Fortress, which and was held by a group of SharpClaw on vehicles. Anyway, Star Fox Adventures was not part of my first or second plan. Star Fox Adventures is an action-adventure video game, developed by Rare and published by Nintendo.Originally intended for the Nintendo 64, Shigeru Miyamoto convinced Rare to redesign the game to be both a part of the Star Fox series and as a launch title for the GameCube.It was also the last game to list Hiroshi Yamauchi as executive producer prior to his stepping down from Nintendo in 2002. It was too much trouble to do Super Mario RPG because I couldn't track down a cheap SNES and I was saving for an iPod.

Also, although Star Fox Adventures isn't the greatest game (I'd give it a 6/10), I wanted to do one last run-through. ... Star Fox Adventures. The third SpellStone is within the Walled City, where the King EarthWalker is held hostage.