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On July 16, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins were launched from Cape Kennedy atop a Saturn V rocket. Graphical performance indication of an Oculus Rift VR setup using an Intel 4690K @ 3.9GHz, and an Nvidia GTX1070 FE, using the Oculus debug tool during the running of the Eagle Lander 3D … 0. ... Back in February, Autodesk and the Smithsonian decided to scan the Apollo 11 command module *Columbia*, which they called “one of the most challenging objects ever scanned.” Now, many months later, they’re releasing the results—in a lot of different formats. The Smithsonian Institute, working with Autodesk, has created a high-resolution 3D scan of "Columbia," the Apollo 11 command module that carried the astronauts to … Smithsonian 3-D imaging specialist Adam Metallo scans the Apollo 11 Command Module “Columbia” with a laser scanner. The Apollo 11 Command Module, "Columbia," was the living quarters for the three-person crew during most of the first manned lunar landing mission in July 1969. Credit Line: Transferred from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Apollo 11 Command Module (Combined) - Download Free 3D model by The Smithsonian Institution (@Smithsonian) [372bb67] Explore Buy 3D models. How to Use the 3D Viewer; ... Apollo 11 . The Smithsonian partnered with Autodesk to 3D scan the Apollo 11 command module “Columbia", and have released 3D printable files online. Take a 3D Tour Inside the Apollo 11 Command Module Take a look inside the tiny capsule that carried three astronauts hundreds of thousands of miles to the moon and back. Neil Armstrong . The Smithsonian is commemorating the anniversary of the first moon landing with new exhibits and a virtual display of some of the most historic artifacts from the Apollo 11 … 3D Model Produced by Autodesk and the Smithsonian Institution Lets You See Inside Apollo 11’s Command Module July 20, 2016 by Clare Scott 3D Scanning 3D Software Share this Article

Radiocarbon and other dating methods confirm that the cave layer that contained this … Smithsonian to Preserve and Make Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 NASA Space Suit 3D Printable July 20, 2015 by Brian Krassenstein 3D Design 3D Printing Share this Article Command Module, Apollo 11. In addition to 2D photos, the Open Access content also includes high-resolution 3D models of some of the items in the institution's collection, including visualizations of the interior and exterior of Columbia, the Apollo 11 command module that carried the first astronauts to … CC0. Usage Conditions Apply > > There are restrictions for re-using this image.

By Sophie Weiner Smithsonian 3D Digitization.