So this leads to the question: "What exactly do slime molds 'engulf'?"

Slime mold (Lat. These are thought to be one of the life-cycle stages of a slime mold. Well, slime molds tend to have a varied preference for food. The taster is quoted as remarking, "When raw, has the fragrance resembling … Slime molds are a phagotrophic species, meaning they consume the nutrients they need to grow by engulfing it.

Slime mold helps astronomers map the universe’s dark matter The food-seeking behavior of a simple organism is helping astronomers trace the universe’s vast cosmic web, dark matter and all. The mold begins in New York City on a map with very concentrated food sources in the cities but few nutrients in the countryside. It forages for nutrients by changing shape and extending between the different food sources that it finds. They scatter spores, like plants, which grow into new slime moulds.. More recently, a 25.5 kg 'meat-like' mass was discovered in 1992 from Shaanxi, China, and apparently was tasted. Slime mold is a faintly glowing Food source that can be found in the darker, abandoned corners of the world inside of Shaded Citadel and The Exterior.Individual morsels have a slightly lighter coloration in the center, and can be picked up and eaten. Physarum polycephalum) is a single-celled organism that, unlike most other beings of such nature, is visible to the naked eye. Cysts Amoebae and swarmer cells that start to dry out will thicken up their cell wall and form a cyst - a tough single celled structure that withstands drying and will wake up when it gets damp again. Slime molds go through a process called "phagocytosis" in order to gain the necessary nutrients. They slither over ground and fallen tree trunks in search of food. They usually grow in groups of 2-5 on walls and the ground, along a glowing patch of slime mold that cannot be interacted with. Bacteria is a primary food source for most slime molds, and more specifically the plasmodial slime mold which is also the slime mold used in this experiment. This simply means that the slime mold engulfs its food items and internally digests it. Slime moulds, or slime molds, are forms of life which live on the rainforest floor, and many other parts of the world. If it gets wet, it reactivates and the slime mold resumes its former life.