If the hook assembly is removable, take it out.

It is vital for one to check this part and disengage it as it is done when threading the bobbin then turn the handwheel. Most old models of sewing machines if not all are designed with a knob inside the handwheel that may be locked, making it hard to turn the handwheel.

Test by turning the hand wheel.

Test hand wheel again. Adjust the Handwheel’s inner Knob. Sometimes the belt, tensioner, pulley assemblies, and drive mechanism can freeze up. I just took it out of - Answered by a verified Small Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 1. What steps can a technician take to repair a locked up sewing machine? Release the belt or drive from the hand wheel and try to turn the hand wheel.

The first you need to do is remove the bobbin and bobbin carrier. If you have a Singer sewing machine, these singer sewing machine repairs can usually be done at home.

When you attempt to turn the hand wheel, the locked up sewing machine hand wheel just wont turn or turns only under serious force. I have a singer prelude 8280 and I cannot move the hand wheel in either direction.