The thing that makes this low-budget independent film so engaging is the story and the relationships that develop while the story world unravels on screen. home about donate Media about donate Media Back Meet the Crew Meet the Cast RT shop. Email a Friend. David Terran wrote scientific theories predicting an inevitable shift in Earth's magnetic poles. book club. money.

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Directed by Fred Olen Ray. "Polar Opposites" is Emily R. Smith's graduate thesis film and aims to reduce the gap between the audience and persons with mental disorders. Polar Opposites Quotes.

Movie & TV guides. Then an Iranian underground nuclear test sets off a global phenomenon that … Unfortunately, film sometimes stigmatizes people with mental disorders and distances the audience from characters suffering from illnesses. Go. newsletters. Read the Polar Opposites plot and find out who is in the cast and crew at Polar Opposites. Film is a powerful tool, often generating cultural trends and societal attitudes.

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150 Erotic Movies. Scientist David Terran has written bestsellers about the dangers of Earth's magnetic fields, but his unconventional theories have made him a joke amongst his colleagues.

Polar Opposites. With Charles Shaughnessy, Tracy Nelson, Ken Barnett, Beth Grant. Polar Opposites is modeled after these films as our vision is to foster compassion, hope, and sympathy for our protagonist. Film on TV ... Magazine subscription offer. Polar Opposites Fred Olen Ray (2008) 85min. "Polar Opposites" strength does NOT come from million dollar fx, or performances by academy-award-winning actors.