I'm not very experienced with Gap Inc. clothes until recently and I want to know if there's any "must haves" or "not worth it" items BR sells compared to other brands. Old Navy Is Totally Changing How It Does Denim—Here’s What That Means for You .

And then I discovered Old Navy. We researched options and read through reviews from a number of our favorite sites to compile a final list of 18 styles that women love to wear. Shop Old Navy’s tall line here.

Surprisingly, J.Crew was one of the retailers that came closest to the average size eight, even though we've been wary of the brand's strange sizing in the past. They are cheap. They’re not skin tight like so many of the other skinnies I’d tried–and hated. Courtesy of Old Navy. There have been a couple times when I've had a pair of their jeans that fit me, went back to buy another pair in the same style and size, and couldn't even get them zipped.Recently I tried on a shirt there, liked it, and got another in a second color when I left the dressing room, which turned out to be very tight. Old Navy sizing is not at all consistent.

They also seem to run smaller now, as I tried on an 8 in store (the same size my khaki pants are) and could barely get them on. They also make dresses, shirts and jackets to fit longer frames and arms. (This does not apply to Old Navy’s “jeggings”–those are tight.)

See my ultimate guide on where to shop for tall sizes and shoes size …

They fit much like my regular denim down to my knees, but go much better with my boots. $40 for a pair of jeans, they're comfy and soft, they feel a lot sturdier than AE jeans do now. 2. Banana Republic vs Gap vs Old Navy Hello everyone, I started working at Banana Republic recently and it's my very first job so I finally have a disposable income for myself. So we sought out the best plus-size leggings out there. In fact, the XXL in regular is actually bigger than the plus 1x if you look at just the chest and waist measurements. While their selection is more limited than the regular sizing in Old Navy’s Clothing line, it’s still extremely large compared to other specialty tall stores. Plus sizes at Old Navy are 1x, 2x, and 3x, but the 1x isn't the next size up from biggest available size in the women's "regular." But while the fashion industry continues to move toward inclusivity, the options for women above a size 12 are often limited in comparison. So that's what I got, after my 5-6 month agonizing over American Eagle haha. By Andrea Chen g. September 6, 2019. Here’s what I like about Old Navy skinny jeans: 1.