Shilpa Ray's Got a Heart Full of Dirt 8.

experimental Shut That Kid Up 8. Revelations of a Stamp Monkey 4. Muslim Jewish Resistance 7. Manhattanoid Creepazoids 9.

EMT Police and the Fire Department 6. Add Value Add Time 5. Truthers 2. Oral Sidney With a U 5. The performances are insanely tight, and I'd really like to highlight the drumming on here - it's absolutely incredible. You're Fucking No One 11. The album turns as it … Oral Sidney With a U 5. Encounters I / Transfinite Flow 3. Rockaway Blues 10. ... hip-hop/rap. Lovelock 3. Pennsylvania 6 6666 3. Gold ^ Pink 5. northern spy store bandcamp “ This sound isn’t merely the product of well-chosen reference points; in its abstract way, it makes a unique argument for the virtue of cross-cultural curiosity. Body Australia’s greatest cult band, The Necks, has a new piece to offer the world this summer, entitled “Body”.

Personal Nancy 2. Brooklyn, New York. Time Slip 7. Fuck La Migra 9. Shut That Kid Up 8. ... hip-hop/rap. Different again to all previous Necks albums (20 in total), the band has chosen 10 words and phrases that summarize the four richly contrasting episodes of this hour-long, mesmerizing groove. by Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, released 27 April 2018 1. Intervention I 4. Further Three, the 21st album from legendary Australian instrumental trio The Necks, is a winding, textural, and visceral musical exploration through three individual, contrasting tracks that each delve into separate tenets of their sound. Fuk It Up 11. w i n n e r s 12.

Personal Nancy 2. YRU Still Here? YRU Still Here? You're Fucking No One 11.

Laika 3.

As an artist-run label, Northern Spy shines the light on musicians who are tenacious, forward-thinking and making devil-be-damned fine music, while finding substance in the disparate worlds of free improvisation and popular music. related tags: claw / dama / libra / seattle / washington / alternative / united states; any format any location best-selling northern spy records. ‘Spinning Creature’ was recorded in about three days in Brooklyn. After All 7. Bandcamp. Northern Spy Records. Fuck La Migra 9. Lemon Drop 6. The Palm Of A Ghost 5.

Bending to the Lash 9. Bloom 2. EMT Police and the Fire Department 6. Eat The Rich 2. From Untruth The second release by Amirtha Kidambi's ensemble Elder Ones, From Untruth is comprised of four pieces grappling with issues of power, oppression, capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy, violence and the shifting nature of truth. This recording was approached with those same parameters. Orthodoxy 10. Orthodoxy 10.

After Hours 7. See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "northern spy" on Bandcamp. Parkland, Washington. D A Y S by Lip Talk, released 25 January 2019 1. Interventions by Horse Lords, released 29 April 2016 1. Freak Freak Freak On The Peripherique 11. Northern Spy is a Brooklyn based record label YRU Still Here 6. Appropriately, the nature of this music is constantly morphing. Agnes 4. YRU Still Here 6. NORTHERN SKY RECORDS. Revelations of a Stamp Monkey 4.

Three by The Necks, released 27 March 2020 1. Toward the Omega Point 5. All This Light 2. New York Minute Prayer 2. Body by The Necks, released 14 August 2018 1. Morning Terrors Nights of Dread 3. The Leper 2. northern spy records. Days 9. Pennsylvania 6 6666 3.