2020 Void of course Moon When the Moon is free from any major aspects when changing signs or houses then it is said to be in Void of Course. The last black moon took place on August 30, 2019, which was also a super new moon, and the next one is set to take place on August 19, 2020.

Moon Phases 2020.See here the moon phases, like the full moon, new moon for 2020 in Greenwich, London, United Kingdom.. All data are calculated from the … This Moon gets its name as it is the time the fruit ripens.

Other names for it are Hot Moon, Mead Moon and Rose Moon. In 2020 it was also a Supermoon meaning it is “a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90 per cent of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit”. It is the fourth consecutive Supermoon in 2020. Here is everything you need to … This year it will be on June 5 and will feature the second penumbral lunar eclipse of the year. This sign can manifest itself in spontaneity and in the need for change, which right now would be very welcome! Although Brits and Americans will see it, the Moon hits its peak during daylight hours. Another New Moon will be gracing us in the skies above and this one is in the sign of Gemini! On May 22 nd, Sun conjuncts Moon in Gemini.This is the May New Moon in Gemini.In astrology, new moons mark beginnings, so this is considered the perfect time for any new project or idea. This month's Full Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, originally called the Rose Moon in Europe. Updated Jun 1, 2020 by J McCaul Although Moon Tracks Astrology Calendars already has Void of Course information on one of its calendar systems, it has been decided to bring the Moon's Void of Course Dates Table onboard to provide current information quickly, efficiently and concise.

MAY 2020: Super Flower Moon.

Full Moon 2020: Look out for the beautiful Super Flower Moon TONIGHT'S Full Moon is the beautiful Super Flower Moon. The main areas of interest for this zodiac sign are communication and education. Blood moon: Also known as a … This Moon will fall on Thursday, May 7, and signifies the blooming of flowers and the variety that bare their petals in May - it is also known as Corn Planting Moon and Milk Moon. May new moon 2020: Mercury and Venus meet up in the 'moonless' night sky 21-05-2020 22:54 via space.com The new moon occurs Friday (May 22), at 1:39 p.m. EDT (1839 GMT), the same day that Venus and Mercury make a close approach. June 2020 Void of Course Dates of the Moon. The full moon is an important time as it begins a new moon cycle and is an opportunity to take a moment to reflect, make positive plans for the future. Once the Moon has made its last major aspect before changing signs, the Void of Course phase of the Moon begins. The Strawberry Moon will rise on June 5, as the new lunar cycle begins in June. JULY 2020: Thunder Moon

The New Moon in Gemini – 22nd May 2020.

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JUNE 2020: Strawberry Moon.