That is ETSU(East Tennessee State University). Review. Advertisement ... create a prospect and make sure to make his home state where your team is located. You've once again led your Michigan Wolverines to a victory over Ohio State, but your buddy (who's a Bucknut) isn't around to witness the massacre. This is a discussion on Create-A-Team Option? Creating a school with Team Builder is not a new feature to the NCAA Football franchise, but it is one that deserves a bit of attention. You … NCAA Football 08 eliminates the momentum feature from last year's game and changes it with a more player focused "motivation" element. On my YouTube channel, one of … The dynasty mode puts you in the shoes of a coach of any NCAA football team. Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ.

I'm wanting to create a school that's bringing back football in 2015. Don't worry: Thanks to NCAA Football OS's new replay system, you can now create a vault of highlight clips and send them to your online pals. within the NCAA Football forums. NCAA Football 08 . Then, talk to him on the phone about where he lives and the college being close. I haven't played last gen since NCAA 08 so I can't confirm whether or not it exists in NCAA 09 and last gen NCAA 10. 1-Star into 6-Star Achievement in NCAA Football 08: Turn a 1-star prestige school into a 6-star prestige school in single team Dynasty Mode - worth 50 Gamerscore