While 2016 and 2017 have seen declines in overall patent litigation, one sector is experiencing an uptick in IP litigation – and that’s in the cloud.

It’s also possible that Steve Ballmer is Santa Claus. Similarly, if a company’s IP ‘strategy’ is merely to collect patents randomly, then at any point in time all the company will ever own is a box full of random patents. In 2012, the company decided to do something about it and here is what happened. This is an innovative method which hasn’t been explored enough but it might just work for Microsoft. The Windows Marketplace has slowly captured most top apps (Facebook, Twitter, and finally Instagram), but is always years behind hot new apps (e.g. Microsoft will receive a license back to any patents and design rights in the new technology that results from the shared innovation, but the license will be limited to … For more than 40 years Microsoft has been making big, bold bets on the future of technology. Intellectual property (IP) is a strategic asset that provides significant value to Microsoft and its customers and partners. Send demands to your elected representatives, media, White House and Microsoft itself to stop this outrageously evil patent application. Microsoft is committed to responsible intellectual property management, including the creation of a healthy patent ecosystem around the world that promotes and encourages innovation.

Free Software changing Microsoft's patent strategy on: 2018-10-23 In October Microsoft took a big step concerning its software patents by joining the LOT Network (LOT stands for "License on Transfer") and the Open Invention Network (OIN) . LinkedIn was a big brand name with a small patent portfolio – a combination that made it vulnerable to attack. The patent talks about a new cryptocurrency that uses body activity data for mining allowing users to mine the currency without needing an expensive mining rig. Samsung was the largest Android OEM when it all started Jahed Ali, the patent examiner assigned is a total newbie with NO HISTORY. Microsoft’s IP chief looks to build a future-proof patent strategy. Microsoft Azure is the glue The second part of this strategy is services, and Microsoft's Azure cloud-computing platform is the glue that connects these services with Windows devices. In this final part of the series we talk with Erich Andersen, the IP chief at Microsoft At the end of last year, I wrote about the great service Barnes & Noble had performed by drawing back the curtain on one of Microsoft's patent lawsuits.