It makes it so all of your moves have a direct effect on the other players, and more often than not each turn becomes a mission to sabotage the other players as much as you can. The infamous car mechanic has been temporary removed here. Boo returns as a playable character since Mario Party 8 AGW. Mario Party 9 has a lesser focus on strategy, and its minigames do not impact the board game in … Super Mario Party promises a return to a more classic Mario Party experience, nixing features that appeared later in the series such as the car mechanic in Mario Party 9 that wasn't very popular with fans. Decent soundtrack. Mario Party Star Rush will not continue the bad 'car' mechanic from recent iterations Nintendo announced Mario Party Star Rush yesterday buried … The game focuses on traversing a game board to collect more Stars than your fellow players by the end of the turn limit. After a five year hiatus, the Mario Party series returned with a brand new entry featuring a ton of major changes. You can also play as Bowser Jr. after finishing Bowser's Tower. Seriously, the car is the best thing to happen to Mario Party in recent years. Mario Party 9 revived the series with a new shared car mechanic, motion controlled minigames, new characters, and seven boards, all on the Nintendo Wii. Mario Party 9 also introduced a car mechanic. Good voice acting. Depending on your view, it marks the first time that someone similar to Koopa Kid has been playable since Mario Party 6 AGW. In Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10, every player navigates the board in a car rather than move independently of one another.