April Glover is Little Bill and Bobby's 10-year-old sister, her parents are Big Bill and Brenda Glover. Brenda Glover (mother) Bobby Glover (brother) April Glover (sister) Fuschia Glover (cousin) Age. Last Appearance . Just A Baby. From making friends to making lunch, five-year-old Little Bill explores ordinary and extraordinary events that make up the life of a little … He wears a green t-shirt with navy blue trim, an orange undershirt, baggy blue jeans, and black and white sneakers. "A Trip to the Hospital" is an episode from Season 2 that originally aired on September 14, 2000 on Nick Jr USA and December 6, 2000 on Random House Kids FR which was also titled "Un voyage à l'hôpital" during the Bill Jr. block and January 15, 2001 on both Discovery LA & ES and the last air date was February 6, 2001 on both Cartoon Planet BR & PT.

Little Bill accuses English bob of being too drunk to shoot his pistol in his gunfight against Two gun Corcoran. Little Bill learns valuable lessons and overcomes some fears with help from Alice the Great, his teacher, and his brother and sister. 5. April is proud to be the best basketball players in school, male or female. He Is A Friend.

The Party Box. It just means they have similar interests. Characters Main article: List of Little Bill characters The series focuses on Little Bill, his siblings (Bobby and April) and his friends (Andrew, Kiku and Fuchsia).

She works for a bank (seen in "Mom's Trip"), but her hobby is photography. Skin Color. Patrick means watch childhood and private films and movies that he dislikes. Little Bill Makes a Grounded Video out of Bobby and April Grounded When Bobby was 3 years old, he used to hold Little Bill when … Created by Bill Cosby. episode made by MarioFan62.

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Bobby has dark skin, black eyes, and black hair. The episode begins with Little Bill looking out the window bored and agitated.

Little Bill is an animated series created by and based on books by Bill Cosby.

Alice the Great and Bobby show Little Bill that someone isn't a copycat just because they like the same things somebody else does.

Plot Edit. April is the only girl and oldest child in the family, and the tallest girl on the block. African-American. The Wrong Thing to Do is an episode from Season 2 that originally aired on Nick Jr. on September 14, 2000.

Plot. Then, Little Bill's parents scold him for making videos. April Glover: The oldest and only daughter of Brenda and Big Bill.

More The Parody Wiki. An imaginative boy named Little Bill learns about the world around him as he attends kindergarten. Little Bill …

William Farnell "Little Bill" Glover Jr. is an energetic 5-year-old.