“Jeremy Corbyn knows he can’t command a majority in the House of Commons. Britain's Liberal Democrats party on Sunday toughened its anti-Brexit stance, formally adopting a policy to stop the country from leaving the European Union if it wins power at a national election. But his critics are not fully convinced.

He now argues that it is justified because people know far more about Brexit's complexities and potential negative economic consequences. The Liberal Democrats have had a history of shifting alliances since being formed as a centre-left union of two moderate parties in 1988. The pro-Remain parties have said the agreement will cover 60 seats across England and Wales. Swinson is the current frontrunner to replace Vince Cable as Liberal Democrat leader as the anti-Brexit party experiences a surge in the polls. She told the BBC: "The Liberal Democrats are crystal clear. The Liberal Democrats' revoke policy “alienated large chunks of the population” during a general election campaign that resembled a “high speed car crash”, an internal inquiry has found.