Until the late 1990s, most of Inner Mongolia's prefectural regions were known as Leagues (Chinese: 盟), a usage retained from Mongol divisions of the Qing dynasty. Meat and dairy form the staple diet of this nomadic cuisine, with the use of vegetables being limited. Mongolian cuisine is much influenced by the continental climate that dominates the region, and also a bit by the Russian and Chinese cultures. Inner Mongolia is divided into twelve prefecture-level divisions. The specialties include Braised camel hoof, Kumiss, Ghee, Hulun Lake fish feast, Mongolian boiled lamb, Mongolian milk tea. The meat of horse, yak, beef, lamb and … TRADITIONAL Mongolian Food Guide in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Strictly Dumpling. The Mongolia prairie is rich in all kinds of venison such as wild chicken, potherb, wild fungus and so on. Similarly, county-level divisions are often known as Banners (Chinese: 旗). Inner Mongolia Food. It’s quite common knowledge that Mongolian food culture is not winning any culinary awards on the world stage, in fact we personally like to refer to it as the cafeteria cuisine of the world!Heading into Mongolia we had no idea what food to expect, in fact a Mongolian friend of ours simply stated “have low expectations then you won’t be disappointed”! Inner Mongolia Hengxintonghui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd was established in 1996, located in the world-famous sunflower seeds origin area- Bayannur Hangjinhouqi, dedicated to the cultivation of sunflower seeds , processing, domestic and overseas sales have been more than 20 years of history.More than 20 year trials and hardships company keeps marching forward and has made glorious achievements. I was in Mongolia and got to try out some delicious Mongolian cuisine. This is typically high in dairy produce such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. Inner-Mongolia Dining For its geography position and habitation, the cuisine in Inner-Mongolia features the venison.

Roasted Whole Sheep Meat is mostly cooked or used in soups and dumplings. When you are in Inner Mongolia, no matter you have meals in local restaurants or have dinner in Mongolian yurts, you could taste Mongolian snacks or cuisines. The traditional Mongolian milk tea is exceptionally good.
The most outstanding cates are Baked whole sheep, Baked Gigot, Hand-tore … Traditional Mongolian food is found throughout Inner Mongolia. Features of Inner Mongolia food The nomads that live in Inner Mongolia sustain primarily from products that are derived from cattle, sheep, horses and yaks, which are domesticated.