Hold your hand over the item and, without touching the object "rub" it three times in a clockwise direction. How To Cast A Good Luck Spell; Different people see happiness differently. This will not cause harm to anyone and will just get the person or thing out of your way. This spell is a very simple one that just requires your pentacle necklace.

Such rituals also may include prayers to a deity or singing in praise of the deity. The main reason for involving in these rituals is to cast a spell on a person or a particular object of desire. Place the tea bag over your bathtub faucet and run … This spell is best done during the fourteen-day period between the New and the Full Moon. If you would like it to bring you luck or other attributes, imagine the changes you would like to see happen. How to enchant an object with good luck For some, happiness means money, for others, it is family peace, power or fame. For best results, cast this spell under a full moon and light three green candles placed as a triangle in front of you before casting this spell.

Searching For Good Luck In Life? A lot of us are tempted to use white magic. This good luck spell is believed to be very effective in attracting good fortune no matter where you go.

The origins of the word incantation are in the Latin language which can be loosely translated to chanting upon. A good luck spell is among the most famous spells. One Earl Gray Tea Bag; Green food coloring; Gold glitter; How to Cast the Spell to Attract Good Luck. Nonetheless, good luck is what all people want. What you will need for the Good Luck Spell.