This new city, equipped with an international airport, parks, an electric train, medical facilities, schools … The biggest private sector bank in Egypt 6, 2020. Egyptian House’s majority bloc to introduce draft law on reinstated Senate Sunday Sat, Jun.

AfDB probes offering additional funding to help Egypt cushion COVID-19 impacts: official Fri, Jun. Update your data - Telecom Egypt Electronic Services Traffic Prosecution Services - Vehicle license violations Travelers. Select … 5, 2020. The full-fledged city rising from the ground will cover an new capital area of 170,000 feddans split into residential areas. The New Administrative City Contains High End Hotels, Faculties, Embassies, Airports, Health Care Facilities & All Needed Facilities To Enhance The Living Standard At The New City & Make It Comparable To The Famous Europian Capitals With More Development. Law No. 6, 2020. Commercial International Bank. President Sisi announces peace initiative to end conflict in Libya Sat, Jun.

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The New Administrative Capital Of Egypt Is Planned To Consist Of 21 Residential Districts And 25 "Dedicated Districts.

Booking of airline tickets - Egypt Air Railway Schedule - Egypt Railways More. Show More . Egypt, China join hands to build up Egypt's new capital Source: Xinhua 2018-07-09 16:42:02 Chinese engineers from China State Construction Engineering Corporation discuss with their Egyptian colleagues at the construction site of a 385-meter skyscraper in New Cairo, 50 km east of the capital … NCW issues 3rd edition of women policy tracker amid COVID-19 Sat, Jun.

The New Capital Of Egypt Spreads Over 170,000 Acres, The first Phase Spreads Over 40,000 Acres. Select Ministry / independent organization. The construction of Egypt’s New Administrative capital kicked off in 2016, which is expected to be almost as big as Singapore at 700 sq km. 88 of 2003 of the "Central Bank, Banking Sector and Monetary System" entrusts the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) with the formulation and implementation of monetary policy, with price stability being the primary and overriding objective. Politics . new capital new capital is a new restart button for Cairenes.