It is a very good dog." Gender revealed for Conan, dog that helped get ISIS leader Baghdadi - Business Insider The White House said Conan, the hero dog that helped take down the leader of ISIS, was female. ABC News reported that Conan 'is in fact a GIRL,' citing a U.S. defense official Tuesday, just a day after the most recent word out of the White House was that Conan was as male as his masculine name. On Tuesday, ABC News reported yet another reversal after a Defense Department official said that Conan is a female. Good girl, Conan.” Two hours later, the White House issued a second correction that Conan was in fact male, an official said, meaning Trump had been right all along. “Conan must therefore bark once for ‘female’ and twice for ‘male. Perhaps experiencing whiplash over the conflicting reports that Conan was male female male, some news outlets removed all references to the dog’s sex or … '” Playboy’s Alex Thomas suggested that it’s “astoundingly easy” to figure out if a dog is a boy or a girl. Later, a White House official told reporters the dog was a female, then said it was a male. RTL Nieuws reported that Conan was trained by a company in Best, Netherlands before being transported to the United States, and a man identified as his former owner and trainer was quoted as saying: "It is a five year old male. At the White House on Monday, Conan the military working dog was a good boy, then a good girl, then a good boy again. The White House told MarketWatch that Conan was female, despite the president’s referring to it with a male pronoun. Just in: #Conan, the hero dog from the al-Baghdadi raid, is in fact a GIRL, a US defense official tells ABC News.