In my article, running the lines in tennis, I … This is a volley drill for younger students.

The good news is that it doesn't need to be complicated to be structured. As tennis fitness trainers, we are constantly hearing from players: I am not sure what to do for a tennis warm up before I play. Line the kids up by the net to show them the volley movement. The easiest thing to do with a warm-up is make it no longer seem like a warm-up! It is usually included in lists of fun tennis games for kids. Tennis Warm Up Games for Kids This was actually just a training session where I was going through some warm ups with teenagers who help out at tennis camps – and . The warm-up for table tennis should be done before every exercise session - whether it be a competition match, practice sessions, or gym workouts. Thankfully, there are all kinds of warm-up games that can get your players warmed-up and ready to train whilst they’re having fun. You should wear an outer layer on top of your table tennis clothing, such as a track suit or waterproof suit, in order to keep you warm but it must not restrict your movements. Warm-Up – Running the Lines. A tennis group drill can be practiced in either large or small groups. Half of the children line up on one baseline, half on the other, both in single file lines behind the center mark.
Tennis group drills are suitable for adults and juniors and often consist of practice games and drills that focus on the fun aspect of the game.

Tennis Warm Up - Racquet, ball and cone Coordination / Fun Games Control over the racquet and ball is a primary step for learning tennis. Learning how to play tennis, just like any other activity, is more fun … Example Table Tennis Warm-Up. Tennis warm up drills are a crucial element of a successful tennis training session. I’ve come to play tennis, not jog, or roll balls down the middle for 10 minutes before I can get into the meat of a session. The instructor feeds the first hitter at the front of the line. No doubt you’ll think of others or ways to adapt these ones slightly for your students. The hitter must hit into the singles court, then run to the back of the line at the opposite end of the court, always to the right. 1. The warm-up exercises and cool down period should last for approximately ten minutes, with five minutes of very light jogging and five minutes of stretching and flexibility exercises. Here are 5 steps to achieve an effective tennis warm up, which should take you around 10-15 minutes to complete. A great way to do this is to teach players how to run the lines of the tennis court. 6 Fun Tennis Games to Spice up Your Tennis Lessons. The warm-up should start off at a low intensity, with a gradual progression from general and simple movements to more table tennis specific and higher intensity actions. Tennis games for beginners are not only reserved for children, but can also be practiced by adults first learning how to play tennis. Hungry Crocodile. Here are 5 fun tennis games to try with your classes. Before your students even begin to hit, I’ve always found it helpful to build some anticipation and get their blood flowing. A tennis beginner first learning how to play tennis is often confused and still learning the rules of tennis, so the games they engage in must slowly introduce them to … It works for groups of 4 year olds upwards, but as. Read More » Race to the baseline – a serving game for 4 year olds upwards Here is a very simple but effective serving game which I use a lot! High performance tennis players should incorporate tennis warm up drills and exercises into their practice.

Tennis warm up drills focus on warming up a tennis player for the rigors of a competitive tennis match.