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Fly the Discovery, Challenger, Atlantis, Columbia and Endeavour. Aug 9, 2019 - Explore fredericklongo's board "Space Shuttle Patches", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. 15% off Use SUMMER20. The STS-135 patch represents space shuttle Atlantis embarking on its mission to resupply the International Space Station. lucid.

The space shuttle Endeavour's hatch will be opened by NASA technicians one last time this week, in part to retrieve thousands of souvenir patches and a … The “Poster Kit” comes with two stickers!

Tags: sts-76. Deploy, capture and service satellites including the Hubble. Size: 4" / 100mm. Sea and Sky's Space Shuttle Mission Insignia page features mission patch images from all of NASA's manned space shuttle missions to Earth orbit between the years 1991 and 1995. 02. 18” x 24”! STS-7 was Ride's first space shuttle mission, making her the first American woman in space. The Space Shuttle program was the fourth human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which accomplished routine transportation for Earth-to-orbit crew and cargo from 1981 to 2011. Fly those colors! $8.19 $9.99. atlantis. Looking for the ideal Space Shuttle Patches to express yourself? The Mach 25 patch is awarded to those who fly on the space shuttle, in reference to the highest velocity they achieve during reentry.. Perhaps the best known of the Mach 25 spinoffs is the 100 Days in space patch, which substitutes the space shuttle on the original insignia with the International Space Station.. Now there are at least two others: Mach 26

It has some minor differences from the official A-B Emblem version, primarily in the Mir detail and extra set of solar panels.

Mission, Space Shuttle Endeavour, 21 June 1993, 6:14 Ah4 and landed on the 29 June 1993 at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). $8.19 $9.99. Space Patches are an art form in their own right. Atlantis is centered over elements of the NASA emblem depicting how the space shuttle has been at the heart of NASA for the last 30 years. searfoss. The crew played with the superstition idea and had this patch made for the crew (and wore it on their flight suits at times). 04. Deploy, capture and service satellites including the Hubble. Or, 12 6”x6” Space Shuttle tiles. Space Shuttle Patches. The commercial mission, dubbed Demo-2 (DM-2), will resume U.S.-based spaceflights from Kennedy Space Center in Florida since the space shuttle was retired in 2011. Come check out our giant selection & find yours today.

See Details. Cape Canaveral - Map Design. Shuttle ferry pilots designed the emblem. Proudly printed by the spaceballs of Mama’s Sauce, just 50 miles from that Space Coast. See more ideas about Space shuttle, Patches and Nasa patch.