Long range wireless water-presence/soil moisture/water level sensor tag with water and scratch proof coating.

The system is compatible with commercial flow meters sensors, and with all commercial flow meter compatible irrigation controllers. Since this wireless soil moisture sensor is based on a analog to digital converter, you can expect to see about 800 different levels of soil moisture from 0 (dry) around 830 (wet). With 10-bit resolution ambient temperature sensor. Introduction: ESP32 WiFi SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR. Aquaterr systems with soil moisture sensors qualify for water conservation rebates. This wireless soil moisture sensor makes it possible to monitor soil moisture in multiple locations either outdoors or in greenhouses to monitor soil saturation conditions. ESP32 WiFi SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR. By JJ Slabbert in Circuits Microcontrollers. Bullets: Soil Moisture Meter: measures soil moisture content within 72 seconds to let you know when to water your plant Digital LCD Display: with lovely flower pot icon to directly display the moisture level, easy to read Indoor & Outdoor Use: waterproof moisture sensor, can be used for indoor outdoor potted plants, lawn, garden and more Custom Mode: with 0%AD and 100%AD custom mode to manually calibrate the … 17. Supports out-of-range notification, but has no beep function. More by the author: About: Hobbies: Raspberry PI, ESP32, Electronics, Python programming, Drones , CNC router, Qualification: BCom with majors in Statistics and Economics More About JJ Slabbert » Cheap soil … Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, these durable sensors last up to 10 years, so you can leave them in the field for extended … Bill of Materials By JJ Slabbert Follow. Portable Soil moisture meter. Using a nano, OLED screen and rechargable battery pack, you can make this portable soil moisture meter to take around the garden. Learn More Connect Your Sensors to WIFI This is a great little tool for the green thumbs. The battery installed has 3x capacity than in regular Wireless Sensor Tag but is not replaceable. By varying temperature and soil moisture, and observing how the signals change, it’s pretty easy to figure out that the 12 bits colored blue correspond to temperature (10 times Celcius), and the 8 bits colored red corespond to the soil moisture value. The included probe is 10cm and the included cable is 3 … The HOBOnet T12 is a wireless sensor that works with the HOBOnet system to not only provide advanced soil moisture measurements (volumetric water content) with better accuracy and precision, but also measure soil temperature and electrical conductivity. Our low cost soil moisture sensor the VH400 can help you to the exact moisture content of your soil, and can be used to automate the watering of your garden and lawn. 9,727. Download Favorite. The first 12 bits are device signature, which is quite typical in this type of wireless sensors; the last four bits are unclear, but likely some sort of parity checking bits for … Aquaterr improves quality and consistency of crops and turf through products … 13. Aquaterr wireless flow meter monitoring system allows irrigation by volume, instead of the elapsed time.