Final version of Decision 482 (C2019) Once cleared, you have to appear for an interview which will finalize your admission. Rs. 4 Trimesters. Above 75 000 units, there is no additional fee per additional unit. It is subject to revision every year. Maybe fee too much and expensive for students but due to ITU Lahore ranking. Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee 1st Semester 6 Research Thesis 48 (18 30) 31,500 25,000 214,000 Research work fee = Total 340000 119,500 Faculty of Law Apply Now. ITU Membership fees in Swiss Francs (CHF) $25,200. $200.

With its original name "Muhendishane-i Bahr-i Humayun", The Royal School of Naval Engineering, its responsibility was to educate chart masters and ship builders. Fee Structure Courses Cr. Following changes to Decision 482 at Council 2019, with effect from 1.7.2019, the cost recovery fee structure for non- geostationary satellite networks subject to coordination are modified as follows: For non-geostationary satellite networks, the flat fee for categories C1, C2, C3, N1, N2 and N3 is applicable from 100 units to 25 000 units. In order to have access to all the benefits of ITU, become a Member of All Three Sectors! 9,500 per credit hour. The fee for each course is PKR 7,500/, and payable through Bank Draft in the name of “Information Technology University” or BOP Challan Form available in the application form. The Data Science is a programme of data science-focussed mathematics and statistics, computer science and applied social science.

June 15th, 2020. The Information Technology University was formed beneath an initiative of the Government of Punjab to enable … After Graduation P.hD levels come, that is interestingly more selective, and selection is done on student’s interest because this is a life-changing decision. The annual fee for Academia is 3,975 CHF. For the undergraduate program which includes BS ECONOMICS WITH DATA SCIENCE , BS MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, BS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING and BS COMPUTER SCIENCE. Thanks for A2A. Instructions for Uploading Documents * Graduation Fee / Caution Money is refundable in case of leaving CUI before completion of degree ** Fee rates are subject to revision in subsequent semesters ** Advance Tax@5% will be charged under section 236(1) of income Tax ordinance 2001, where applicable. Either you are looking not itu lahore fee structure, but some other Pakistan breaking news, then just use search form to find news related to itu lahore fee structure. For the academic year 2020-21 the tuition fee is as follows: Bachelor Programs Tuition fee for all campuses and programs is Rs. Tuition Fee is payable in full before the start of each semester. ITU Lahore Admission 2020 Last Date Merit List, Fee Structure. 25,000 will be charged as security, refundable at the time of leaving the Institute subject to the clearance from relevant departments. ᐧ. It is subject to revision every year.


The tuition fee is payable before the commencement of the semester. Master & PhD Programs ITU has started online payment for the short courses, you can easily do that by going to ( after filling application personal info, select … Fee. Search & Apply Online Now! They asked why u like cs? Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee 1st Semester 6 Research Thesis 48 (18 30) 31,500 25,000 214,000 Research work fee = Total 340000 119,500 Faculty of Law