FRL's format differs from LIVE PD's and Live Rescue's format, which actually broadcasts the incidents on a tape delay, for obvious reasons like safety of those featured on camera, or in the instance where an officer or first responder is injured on the job. First Responders Live. First Responders Live: Season One Ratings Published: September 11, 2019 Before moving to Spike in 2013 , Cops was one of the longest-running TV series on FOX. "I have always been fascinated by the brave work of first responders, who face life-and-death decisions on a daily basis," added Wolf. Each week, the show will embed cameras in multiple cities across the country, to document a night in the life of these units. Fox has ordered six more episodes of its freshman series “First Responders Live,” TheWrap has learned. First Responders Live is being created to solve a broken barrier in communication between First Responders and the people they serve. 48 talking about this. The First Responders are not Live, maybe Josh in the studio, but he does not interact with any of the First Responders. First Responders Live will provide a raw, in-depth look at the brave American heroes, including firefighters, police officers, EMS technicians and first responders, who put their own lives on the line as they race into danger to save others.

Watching real first responders spring into action as they answer these calls will be a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat journey for viewers each week." Providing personal voltage detection devices to firefighters and other first responders, HDE helps first responders to be aware of downed power lines and dangerous electricity. First Responders Live premiered in July, with camera crews following police, paramedics and fire crews in select cities around the United States. First Responders Live gives an unprecedented look at fearless first responders as they answer emergency calls nationwide.

272 likes. Similar to the hit series Live PD, the show brought in a number of experts (including Antoine Lane) to give viewers perspective on what was going on in each location. The show jumps around too much, there is no “in-depth look” at anything.