fault or fault lines are (things) that form from earthquakes that cause building to fall and the ground to shake.

The largest earthquake in Idaho, United States: today: 2.9 in Challis , Idaho , United States. Although seismicity maps and earthquake catalogs show the past 100 to 150 years of felt and instrumental earthquakes, many faults in the United States have return times of thousands to tens of thousands of years for surface faulting events. The 1983 Borah Peak earthquake occurred on October 28, at 8:06:09 a.m. MDT in the western United States, in the Lost River Range at Borah Peak in Central Idaho.. A newly-discovered seismic fault line in central Idaho could produce a 7.5-magnitude earthquake, according to scientists at Idaho State University. On March 31, 2020 the Stanley earthquake (M6.5) occurred approximately 19 miles northwest of Stanley, Idaho. Recent Quakes. Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in Idaho - Los Angeles Times 2020-06-04 21:53:06 UTC 1.9 magnitude, 9 km depth Cascade, Idaho, United States 1.9 magnitude earthquake 2020-06-04 21:53:06 UTC at 21:53 June 04, 2020 UTC this year: 6.5 in Challis , Idaho , United States. Idaho sits at the center of a seismic belt in the intermountain West that runs from northwestern Montana to southern Nevada and contains thousands of faults in the Earth's crust… A strong earthquake has hit Idaho, with a magnitude 6.5 quake striking near the city of Boise in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Boise, Idaho — A powerful earthquake struck north of Boise Tuesday evening, with people across a large area reporting that they felt shaking. An online map of United States Quaternary faults (faults that have been active in the last 1.6 million years) is available via the Quaternary Fault and Fold Database . Is one available in GIS format? 'I Heard the Roar': Big Earthquake Hits Idaho More This photo provided by Tyler Beyer shows a rockslide on Highway 21 near Lowman, Idaho, after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake …
This list covers all faults and fault-systems that are either geologically important or connected to prominent seismic activity.

USGS: Middleton, ID / not felt: The 6.5 earthquake outside of Cascade a few weeks ago …

this week: 3.9 in Cascade , Idaho , United States. | … Idaho earthquake explained: What made this quake so unusual?
Clearly the short seismic record will not image all the active faults that exist. It is not intended to list every notable fault, but only major fault zones. Citation: Hobbs, Tiegan, and Toda, Shinji, 2020, Significant Idaho earthquake unlikely to cause unrest in Yellowstone, Temblor, http://doi.org/10.32858/temblor.081 Article augmented (bottom) on April 1st, 2020, at 19:00 Eastern Standard Time to reflect most recent seismicity in Yellowstone. this month: 6.5 in Challis , Idaho , United States. The hospital in Blaine County is on the front line of Idaho’s coronavirus outbreak, in a region with the nation’s highest per-capita rates of known … The hospital in Blaine County is on the front line of Idaho’s coronavirus outbreak, in a region with the highest per-capita rates of known COVID … Idaho is one of a few U.S. earthquake hot-spots outside of the primary fault line that extends along the coast of California.

Sorted: Recent. A large earthquake struck north of Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday evening, with people across a large area reporting shaking. Idaho has also experienced two large earthquakes in historical times: the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake (M7.3) and the 1983 Borah Peak earthquake (M6.9).